Former CBS Executive On Survivor Claims His Firing From The Network Was Racially Motivated

Former CBS Executive On Survivor Claims His Firing From The Network Was Racially Motivated
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A former CBS executive who worked on Survivor was recently fired and he claimed in a new lawsuit filed on Monday that he was being forced out of his position because of his age and race, claims PageSix.

Ghen Maynard, a man with Japanese origins, claimed he was the only person who wasn't white at the CBS Studios department in which he worked. He claimed the company hasn't improved its diversity situation since Les Moonves left the company last year.

According to Maynard, via his lawsuit court documents, CBS blamed all of their problems on Les, and while they had him removed from his position, nothing has really changed at the network. Paraphrasing his statement, Maynard stated the company hasn't done much to improve race and gender issues.

Maynard stated that CBS is still run predominantly by "white males," and they often use "self-serving rhetoric." Reported first by The Hollywood Reporter, the outlet stated he was filing a suit against the company for discrimination.

The Hollywood Reporter states that the 53-year-old was hired by the former chairman of the company back in CBS to work on shows for them. Recently, he worked on the set of Kids Say The Darndest Things, Beverly Hills 90210 , as well as the offshoot, BH90210.

Maynard claims he was forced out of the company because of his age, as they have currently been firing all of those individuals who are above the age of 40. On the 2nd of October, he discovered his department was being canceled, and his last day of work would be on the 2nd of December.

Moreover, he claims that race played a role in his firing as well. Reportedly, minorities were sent to sit in the back rows at meetings and other work gatherings, or were sometimes not allowed in at all. Furthermore, he was told by others in the office that other execs felt their job was in peril because of him.

As for how they went about the firing, Maynard claims the company had conducted a fake investigation into a claim made by a female co-worker.

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