QAnon Believers Shocked That Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, And More Weren't Arrested On Inauguration Day As Donald Trump's Reign Ends

QAnon Believers Shocked That Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, And More Weren't Arrested On Inauguration Day As Donald Trump's Reign Ends
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QAnon believers found themselves in a tough place during the inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. Those who believe in the conspiracy theory viewed Donald Trump as a savior who had come to free the world from the Deep State. They also believe theories that started to take hold during Hillary Clinton 's run for office that linked high-ranking democrats to sexual child torture rings. Back then, these conspiracies were known as pizza gate and QAnon followers believed that President Trump had plans in place to save the nation from all evil — beginning with the new president!

Not only did they believe the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris wouldn't take place, they believed high-ranking Democrats (the ones alleged to be connected to child sex rings) would be taken into custody and America would go into a period of martial law.

Needless to say, the cognitive dissonance was rampant as one QAnon member after another watched President Donald Trump give his farewell speech and depart for Florida as he told people to 'have a good life.'

They were also shocked when they saw Hillary Clinton and her husband, former president Bill Clinton, freely hobnobbing with government officials before the inauguration began. They were surprised because they believed Hillary and Bill were going to be arrested — along with President Joe Biden!

For some, Donald Trump's retreat and Joe Biden's swearing-in ceremony led them to believe they had been duped. Others continued to make explanations for the lack of the "storm" (as the coup was referred to) and some concluded that Joe Biden was part of the conspiracy.

The United States cracked down on conspiracy groups and Trump supporters out of fear they would try another attack on the U.S. Capitol in order to prevent Joe Biden from taking office.  Also shocking to many of those who believed in the theory was that Donald Trump failed to pardon any of the rioters, many of whom are currently in custody and facing sentences of ten years and beyond due to their alleged actions during the January 6, 2021, insurrection at the Capitol.

You may see a report by the New York Times regarding QAnon's disillusionment below.

Had you heard any of the QAnon theories that stated President Trump had a plan in place to prevent Joe Biden and Kamala Harris from taking office?


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