Hillary Clinton Seeks To Address Menopause In Megan Thee Stallion's WAP

Hillary Clinton Seeks To Address Menopause In Megan Thee Stallion's WAP
Credit: people

Hillary Clinton might be an advocate of strong women, but she doesn't believe that discussing the condition and use of one's lady parts in public should be seen as a sign of bravery.

The ex-secretary of state recounts her own expertise with menopause and that provoking rap as Chelsea Clinton's Gutsy docudrama with daughter premieres on Apple TV+ this Friday. The series features episodes with Wanda Sykes discussing her menopause belly, which Sykes has named Esther, and Megan Thee Stallion discussing her sex-positive "WAP."

Hillary, 74, tells PEOPLE that as we get older, we all seem to get these new physical characteristics.
After turning 50 in 1997, I started experiencing menopause at the conclusion of my second term. At the time, menopause wasn't widely discussed. My friends and I would joke about it or roll our eyes, but not in front of other people.

Because it is a shared experience for us, we really wanted to speak about it with Wanda. Hillary adds about the open discussion she, Chelsea, and Sykes had during a game of bowling while wearing matching Laverne & Shirley-style bowling shirts: "Thank heavens we're obtaining into a time women's health and particularly now when all the obstacles about women's healthcare are trying to force this discussion out of the darkness and into the daylight."

She remarks, "I find it astounding how uninformed many of these male politicians are in many of these places passing these laws regarding women's bodies. The more we're able to talk about it, the more amazing the things they say, the things they think, and the stupidity they show.

Chelsea rushes in and warns, "It's hazardous." Unfortunately, when it pertains to public health, stigma is fatal. Hillary admits that stigmatization contributed to her staying silent in the White House.


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