Pusha-T Slams Drake As A 'Police Rapper' In Reignited Beef

Pusha-T Slams Drake As A 'Police Rapper' In Reignited Beef
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Pusha-T and Drake are at it again , although, this time, it looks like only Pusha-T is participating. Hot New Hip Hop picked up on a series of social media posts recently in which the rapper took aim at Drake for being a "snitch."

The Daytona artist also demanded he is removed from the new Pop Smoke deluxe record. Reportedly, a new song from Pop Smoke was leaked this week featuring Pusha-T, Gunna, and Young Thug, and there is a verse on the track that has many people concerned.

Pusha-T takes aim at Drake in the song once again, reigniting their beef for the second time two years later. According to Hot New Hip Hop, Pop Smoke's new deluxe record, For The Stars, Aim For The Moon, may not feature Pusha-T's verse on it due to Young Thug's criticism.

Young Thug said he didn't respect the way Pusha-T came for Drake on the record, and Pusha-T responded on his account. According to Pusha-T, the verse on the new song might not even be about Drake and the label heads reportedly stopped it because Drake told them about it.

Pusha-T went on to say that Drake did the same thing with the "Maybach 6" verse. The rapper believes Drake tells on people, and he doesn't associate with such individuals. Pusha-T claims the "Hotline Bling" artist is a "police rapper."

After claiming he was the one responsible for getting Young Thug on the record, to begin with, Pusha-T demanded his name and part be removed from the record because he didn't want his work to be associated with such behavior.

As it was noted above, Pusha-T and Drake haven't been on the greatest of terms in years. For instance, back in 2018, the rappers feuded publicly which ended badly for Drake due to the publishing of a photo in which the Toronto artist was wearing blackface.


The Toronto rapper released a social media post in which he explained why he did the photoshoot with his face painted black. He claimed it was something he did at the time to make fun of the way the entertainment industry stereotypes black people.

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