Cardi B Shares New Video Of Her Getting Her Lips Waxed

Cardi B Shares New Video Of Her Getting Her Lips Waxed
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The New York Post reported on an Instagram post from Cardi B today in which she showed off the results of her brand new lip wax and vagina bleaching procedures. The 27-year-old says in her video that she was bleaching her "f*cking cootie cat."

The "Bodak Yellow" rapper explained how shaving an area often leads to the vagina getting a bit dark. Cardi B says she doesn't support the idea of bleaching one's skin, however, she does think it's a good idea when taking care of the butt, genitals, and the underarms.

Cardi can be heard saying in her video that she doesn't believe in the idea of bleaching one's body, but when it comes to the other more intimate body parts, she supports it 100%.

After she finished her procedure, the Grammy Award winner went on to go shopping for turkey legs. The rapper commented on the size of the drums, arguing there was no way the turkey was not on steroids.

The next part of her video shows Cardi getting her lip waxed, a process during which she screams, cries, and cringes. As most know, the Bronx rapper has kept up with her usual routine despite the coronavirus pandemic.

Back in May of this year, the performing artist showed off a brand new back tattoo that took months to create . And again, this past month, Cardi was in the headlines regarding a hash-tag, "#CardiBIsOverParty." The rapper later came out to reveal the social media account in question was fake and she never photoshopped any of her images.

Fans of Cardi B have come to love her for her honesty and larger-than-life personality. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the performing artist also revealed she was going to send thousands of vegan meal replacement drinks to Bronx-area hospitals.

The news came around the same time as her own hospital visit which many fans assumed was related to the coronavirus. Cardi said, however, that she never came down with the illness and was in the ER for other reasons.

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