Prince Harry Is Allegedly 'Heartbroken' Over Family Tension And Drama

Prince Harry Is Allegedly 'Heartbroken' Over Family Tension And Drama
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Page Six reported today that Prince Harry is feeling "heartbroken" over the effect of his and Meghan's exit from the royal family at the start of 2019, also called Megxit. The outlet says Prince Harry - who always had a great relationship with his family - has been feeling a bit worn out by the drama and tension ever since they left.

And while he and Meghan ultimately did what they had to do to be happy, sources claim the former royal family member is still upset about it and is still getting over it too.

Tom Bradby , the journalist who worked with Prince Harry and Meghan on their documentary, Harry and Meghan: An African Journey , said to reporters from People Magazine this weekend that Meghan and Harry were feeling a lot better these days, but he insinuated there have been difficult times.

As most know by now, Meghan and Prince ditched the royal family for Canada initially, until they finally stopped in California which is where they have stayed since. Page Six says Meghan and Harry moved to California earlier in 2020.

While it's by no means been an easy ride for Meghan and Harry lately, the couple has found meaning through their other endeavors. For instance, Bradby shared that Meghan and Harry are very excited by some of the events they have been participating in lately.

"I think he is heartbroken by the situation with his family," Bradby explained, before going on to say that he wasn't sure about it, but he had his suspicions the rumors were true.

Additionally, other reports have suggested Prince Harry and Prince William's relationship has been particularly at risk, although, insiders have said in the recent past that the pair of brothers are slowly getting better. One such source shared that Harry and William had almost healed their broken brotherhood.


Katie Nicholl, a so-called royal expert, said to reporters from Entertainment Tonight that there were many "video calls" and "phone calls" between royal family members over the holidays this year. Katie went on to say that things have improved a lot between William and Harry, however, there have been problems.

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