Ozzy Osbourne Says Face Tattoos Make Artists Look 'Dirty'

Ozzy Osbourne Says Face Tattoos Make Artists Look 'Dirty'
Credit: Source: RollingStone.com

Even though Ozzy Osbourne has his fair share of tattoos, apparently, he's not a fan of one particular brand of body art: face tattoos. Hot New Hip Hop picked up on comments from the notorious Black Sabbath frontman in which he put face tats on blast.

Ironically, Osbourne has become a legend for some of his prolific antics, including once biting the head off of a bat, and also licking pee off of a deck near a swimming pool. However, that hasn't stopped him from having at least some boundaries.

During a chat with others on the Boneyard radio station, the rocker touched on tattoos. When asked about face ink, Ozzy said it was something he would never do. Osbourne claims that "anything about the collar" makes a person look "dirty." Moreover, Osbourne says he has changed his mind about body art.

He claims as he has gotten older, the needles have become even more painful. For instance, when getting his most recent sleeve, he claims he said to himself, "I am too old, stop."

Ironically, Ozzy most recently worked with Post Malone on his latest record, Hollywood's Bleeding. Post Malone is very famous for all of his body art, which has intensified over the last two years.

During his appearence on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Post Malone showed off the tattoos all over his face and his skull. Additionally, the singer-songwriter was in the headlines after he took to his social media to show off his shaved head and tattoos all over where his hair used to be.

Hip-hop fans know face tattoos have become a very popular phenomenon in the scene. In fact, it's hard for one to even be a rapper without at least getting some ink. This has been mentioned by other artists in the game as well, including 2 Chainz.

During a past interview, while discussing Lil Wayne's influence in the rap world, 2 Chainz explained that before Lil' Wayne, getting tattoos on one's face was considered crazy. But since then, it's practically a prerequisite to have a face tat.

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