Post Malone Appears To Shave His Hair And Get Massive Skull Tattoo

Post Malone Appears To Shave His Hair And Get Massive Skull Tattoo
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Hot New Hip Hop reported on a post from Post Malone today in which the "Rockstar" singer-songwriter showed off a brand new tattoo on his skull. It appears as though the performing artist had a skull tattooed on the side of his head where his long hair used to be.

In addition to his frequent use of trills, Post Malone is known for his many tattoos, including the one that says, "always tired" underneath his eyes. On the 21st of June Sunday, Post Malone showed off the new head tattoo on IG.

You can see what it looks like in the image below:

Fans of the performing artist know this isn't the only time he's gotten a fresh haircut while in quarantine. For instance, this past month, the pop-star gave himself a cut but it was far less intense than this one.

Either way, it's been a busy time for Post Malone. This weekend, it was reported by multiple outlets that his very first brand of wine, Maison No.9, a rosé, sold 50,000 units during the pre-sale, effectively crashing the sales website on which the bottles were sold.

The artist's new brand quickly sold out during the pre-sale, however, other reports came out to say that he was going to have the entire store re-stocked by this Monday.

During past interviews, Post Malone said that he always wanted to release his own brand of wine. The artist claimed he likes to drink rosé whenever he's feeling classy.

Fans in the hip-hop world know that Post Malone is one among many performing artists who have created their own brand in association with another company.

Perhaps most famously, P. Diddy, or Sean Combs, as some people know him, partnered with the company, Diageo, in the marketing and distribution of the luxury liquor brand, Ciroc. Ciroc is still very popular to this day and is featured in many bars, nightclubs, and other establishments around the world.

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