Max Ehrich Reveals He Found Out About His Split From Demi Lovato Through A Tabloid Report

Max Ehrich Reveals He Found Out About His Split From Demi Lovato Through A Tabloid Report
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A report from People Magazine this week picked up on comments from Max Ehrich in which the former fiancé of Demi Lovato revealed how he had discovered he and Demi had split up. This Saturday, the 29-year-old posted a series of snaps on his Instagram Story in which he touched on their breakup.

In the first post, Max wrote, "imagine finding out about the status of your relationship through a tabloid." Ehrich went on to insinuate that it came at a weird time for him because he was also in the middle of making a movie about a philanthropic pastor in a Catholic Church.

As it was previously reported, Max is currently in the middle of working on the new movie, Southern Gospel. This past Thursday, a source who spoke with People Magazine claimed Lovato and Ehrich had broken up two months after he had proposed to her.

The source at the time claimed it was a "tough decision" for both of them, but they both chose it was time to work on their "respective careers." Moreover, it was reported that the couple had started to have problems amid the coronavirus quarantine.

The pair had been spending a lot of time in quarantine together in Los Angeles amid the pandemic. Since then, Lovato has been living in Los Angeles whereas Ehrich has been working on a new movie in Atlanta, Georgia.

Previously, things were going great between Max and Demi and they had been spending a lot of time together with "zero stress." Everything was "fun" and easy, the source claimed, however, now, they're both working and they live on opposite sides of the country.

Demi Lovato 's social media followers know she hasn't directly addressed the news of their split, other than a few cryptic social media posts, including one in which she said she preferred "dogs over people" with a t-shirt sporting the statement.

More importantly, as fans pointed out, was the fact her engagement ring on the left finger had been removed.

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