Lil Wayne Is A Huge R&B Fan, But He Does Listen To Only One Rapper

Lil Wayne Is A Huge R&B Fan, But He Does Listen To Only One Rapper
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Lil Wayne can only be himself, and his recent interview with The Bumbu Room has been a very fascinating one, to say the least.

The legendary rapper made the surprising confession that he is not a massive fan of hip hop music. As a matter of fact, he does not even listen to his own rap songs.

Lil Wayne explained that he forces himself to listen to his tracks before he goes on tour to refamiliarize himself with some of his lyrics.

The legendary MC said that he is a huge fan of R&B stars like Anita Baker, Keith Sweat, and Marvin Gaye. However, there is one rapper that he has on his playlist -- Tech N9ne.

Weezy stated: “I listen to music that’s not hip-hop all the time because I don’t listen to no other hip-hop but my damn self. Of course, you got Anita Baker, Keith Sweat, Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley, Tech N9ne -- if you want to call that hip-hop -- Judas Priest, Lamb Of God, Nirvana, Blink 182, [you] name it.”

The “Don’t Let Me Fall” MC has yet to respond to Lil Wayne’s endorsement, who added: “Every song that I ever put out was unfinished. I can’t listen to whatever songs I have out until I put it on a setlist for my show. That’s when I have to. I listen to the song because I have no idea what the words are. That’s the only time I got back and listened to it because simply I’m working on other stuff.”

Lil Wayne did take some time to praise other rappers by saying: “The new hip-hop, I love it. I love that music -- it changed, you know? ‘Cause, back in the G; you had to spit your heart out. It’s ‘let’s just make something cool to hear. We don’t have to listen to it’ -- listening is different from hearing.”

Meanwhile, fans are waiting for Lil Wayne to drop his next album, Funeral . The New Orleans rapper sais it will be out by the end of the year and added: “The Funeral is my next album, I’ mma be dropping that by the end of the year. My album is always done. It just takes Mack [Maine] to come in there and rack up a couple of songs and name them. I work every day. It just takes them to come in and say, ‘Let me get these 20 songs. Can I have these?’ And they name them, and we go from there.”

Lil Wayne is a character full of surprises.

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