Eminem's Daughter Dresses Up As Ariana Grande For Halloween -- Singer Reacts To Hailie Jade Mathers's Alluring Photos

Eminem's Daughter Dresses Up As Ariana Grande For Halloween -- Singer Reacts To Hailie Jade Mathers's Alluring Photos
Credit: Credit: Instagram

It looks like Eminem's daughter, Hailie Jade Mathers, has picked a rather sexy yet cute costume for this year's Halloween, dressing up as none other than singer Ariana Grande.

Hailie was inspired by one of Ariana's hottest looks, where she was out in NYC alongside her then-boyfriend, Pete Davidson, licking a lollipop.

And while some expected that the costume would draw controversial responses from her fans, the situation has been nothing of the sort so far, as most people seem to love it.

Hailie has already received lots of comments on her recent post on Instagram, and many have been sharing her picture all over social media.

Hailie even made a reference to "7 Rings" with the caption of the photo, which was literally just seven ring emojis. Ariana herself was tagged in the shot as well.

The singer approved of the costume by commenting in Hailie's post and replying with a black heart emoji and a ring.

It did not take long for the post to gather more than a hundred thousand likes, with many pointing out how well Hailie wore the look, while others were simply astonished at how much she had grown up over the years.

In fact, she seems to be breaking away from her father's supervision little by little too.

Eminem was known for being highly protective of Hailie, attacking anyone who made any comments about her.

Moreover, that is what started the whole feud with Machine Gun Kelly in the first place.

Fans of the rapper have been split over his attitude on this matter, with some pointing out that Eminem has been pushing things a bit too far for his own -- and his daughter's -- good, and he should probably back off a little and let her have her own life at this point.

One supporter wrote: "You look terrific, and I love your outfit! Love from France! 😘WHERE DID YOU GET THIS DRESS!!!!!!??? I have been looking for exactly that!!!!"

This second follower: "I couldn’t pull that off, but that’s a fantastic outfit. Please don't tell me you are engaged now 😭Teach me how to be this gorgeous.�"

A third fan explained: "You are an amazing young woman, keep going strong. Imagine taking her out on a date, and she takes you to meet her father....freakin Em, 😂😂😂you're a queen and such an inspiration! Love you so much❤️❤️❤️."

Hailie is handling her new status very well.


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