Liam Hemsworth Filmed Miley Cyrus Dancing In Her Wedding Gown To 'Uptown Funk' And It's Awesome

Liam Hemsworth Filmed Miley Cyrus Dancing In Her Wedding Gown To 'Uptown Funk' And It's Awesome
Credit: Source: Miley Cyrus/Instagram

Liam Hemsworth's and Miley Cyrus' marriage is the best way to close out 2018, and a new video of the newlyweds is going viral. Liam Hemsworth filmed Miley Cyrus dancing joyfully in her wedding gown and the Internet can't get enough of the video. With more than 11 million views, the celebratory dance is the perfect way to verify once and for all that yes, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are married.

Though Liam and Miley have been together for years (they broke up then got back together) they announced their engagement in 2016 but kept their holiday wedding plans a secret.

Miley and Liam released photos to social media that left people with the suspicion they were married. The couple hasn't released a statement but the photos with the couple preparing to cut a wedding cake spoke volumes.

Fans were delighted that the couple tied the knot and it's been one of the most popular celebrity stories this week. You may see the video featuring Miley Cyrus dancing to Bruno Mars' hit song "Uptown Funk" in the video player below.

Miley Cyrus' and Liam Hemsworth's love story is an intriguing tale that many fans love. The couple first met in 2009 on the set of The Last Song. By 2010, the couple went public while attending the Oscars as boyfriend and girlfriend. The couple walked the Red Carpet together and became the subject of tabloid gossip and speculation.

Between August and September 2010 there were rumors the couple had broken up. Before long it appeared they were back together.

By April 2011, it was reported that Miley and Liam were definitely back together only their relationship was on a slow and steady path. In June 2012, Miley and Liam announced they were engaged. In August and September 2013, Miley became the subject of intense scrutiny for her twerking behavior.

In October 2013, Miley and Liam were no longer a couple and it was clear the two were on separate life paths. Those paths brought the couple back together when in 2016, Miley began sporting her engagement ring again and eventually the world learned the two had rekindled the fires of love.

Though Miley confirmed the engagement was back on, she never specifically released a date.

What do you think of Miley's and Liam's surprise wedding? Did you like the wedding dance to "Uptown Funk?"

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