Kylie Jenner Is Listed By Forbes As 2020's Highest-Paid Celebrity - She Earned $590 Million

Kylie Jenner Is Listed By Forbes As 2020's Highest-Paid Celebrity - She Earned $590 Million
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It seems that Forbes just listed Kylie Jenner as the highest-paid celebrity after she earned $590 million. Check out more important people who come behind her in this top.

A follower said: 'And im over here with 45 dollars on my bank account! Cool' and someone else posted this 'Kylie so humble with all that money💕 💰.'

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Someone else said this about Tyler Perry: 'He’s literally the most giving one, I would’ve thought he was first.'

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Here's what someone told a hater in the comments: 'you must not understand how hard her fans go for her. She’s released products after products, and her endeavours run in versatility. Modelling, makeup brands, clothing brands, etc.'

People had all kinds of comments, and haters kept saying that she should not have won this top.

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But Kylie's diehard fans continued and said that she worked a lot to get where she is today.

Not too long ago, there were some new pregnancy rumours flying around Kylie.

Is she having another baby with  Travis Scott ?

Not too long ago, it's been revealed that a new report suggests that Kylie and Travis have made an agreement to give Stormi Webster  a sibling.

According to an article in the upcoming December 21, 2020, issue of OK! Magazine, the two have been in talks about having another baby.


Check out what a reliable source had to dish about this subject.

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