KUWK: Kylie Jenner Reveals What She First Said To Jordyn Woods Following Her Tristan Thompson Scandal

KUWK: Kylie Jenner Reveals What She First Said To Jordyn Woods Following Her Tristan Thompson Scandal
Credit: Source: teenvogue.com

Ever since Kylie Jenner’s BFF, Jordyn Woods had her scandal with Tristan Thompson, fans of have been wondering how the makeup mogul reacted to the model and her sister’s baby daddy sharing a kiss. What was Kylie thinking? Well, in the latest Keeping Up with the Kardashians episode, the younger of the Jenner sisters reveals this!

As it turns out, upon finding out about it, Kylie’s world felt like it was turned upside down!

After all, she and Jordyn had been like sisters for over a decade so the betrayal was really difficult to deal with.

In a teaser clip for the newest episode of KUWK, the audience can finally see the 21 year old’s reaction to the upsetting news.

She shares that: ‘I called her and she did not really say anything. She was just like, crying the whole time. I was telling her, ‘I’m like scared of you now. I bet you’re capable of waking up the next morning with a smile on your face.’

‘And then I pretty much told her exactly what we’ve been talking about. Like, ‘You weren’t thinking about True. Not Khloé, not me. But you weren’t thinking about yourself. Like look what you did. You could do whatever, but when it affects my family, me, then that’s when it’s a problem.’

This is what Kylie apparently first told her former best friend following the scandal.

As for Khloe, she mentioned that no one in the family would have expected this from Jordyn, even though Tristan had cheated on her before.

‘Tristan, we’ve all known what he is capable of,’ Khloe said, arguing that no one thought Jordyn would do something like that to her and her family.


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  • Kim
    Kim Jun 20, 2019 2:27 PM PDT

    I think that someone who dose not care and can do something like this what else can she do. I honestly think she thought it would all blow over she would be forgiven and she did nothing wrong. I also think it was a career move she acts like she just really did nothing wrong.

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