Khloe Khloe Kardashian Is Expecting A Special Gift From Tristan Thompson For Christmas

Khloe Khloe Kardashian Is Expecting A Special Gift From Tristan Thompson For Christmas
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It is beginning to look like Christmas and engagement for Khloe Khloe Kardashian if the latest reports are accurate.

An insider spoke to Hollywood Life and stated that the new mother is almost sure that Tristan Thompson will pop the question over the holidays.

The family friend, who spoke to the media outlet, said that the reality star has been dropping hints that she wants a ring and added: “Khloe is excited and hoping for an engagement ring from Tristan for Christmas Khloe’s not relying on the Cleveland Cavaliers player to read her mind he has been dropping major hints. She would be surprised if he did not get on his knee and ask for her hand in marriage on Christmas morning, or maybe even on New Year’s Eve.”

After the cheating drama, Khloe was not sure she wanted to marry Tristan, but it has been almost one year, and he has been on his best behavior.

The pal went on to say: “All the signs are there. They have been talking about marriage and about having more kids, too. There was a time that Khloe was not sure that she wanted to get married to Tristan, she is still apprehensive about walking down the aisle.”

Another insider claimed that Khloe has forgiven her baby daddy and she wants the rest of the world to do the same.

The family friend shared: “Khloe is upset and frustrated that people are still so hard on Tristan, she is ready to put the negativity of his cheating behind them and move ahead as a happy family. Khloe appreciates that people want to have her back, but she does not feel that she needs protection from Tristan at this point. She is choosing to see the best in Tristan, and she is hoping that her fans, her friends and her family will all do the same. Khloe is ready for a happy new chapter and is very much looking forward to the new year.”

Past reports claim that Khloe's sisters are not sure that Tristan will remain faithful and do not really have his back.

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