Kevin Hart Speaks On Offensive Tweets And Jokes About Cheating

Kevin Hart Speaks On Offensive Tweets And Jokes About Cheating
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During a recent interview with USA Today, Kevin Hart revisited the whole controversy regarding hosting the Oscars.

If you recall, he was supposed to be the next comedian to host the Awards when some controversial tweets from 2009-2011 surfaced, and he was labeled as homophobic.

He stepped down as the Academy Awards host and all this time he had issued several apologies for those older tweets.

Now, in the recent interview mentioned above, he recognized that not apologizing straight away after those tweets was a colossal mistake.

'So I had several conversations with good friends of mine that are part of the LGBTQ community, and listened and heard the point of view that was very important, which was, 'Hey, Kevin, we just want to know that you don't feel the way you felt then. We wanted to hear you say that,'' he said, as reported by Hot New Hip Hop.

He also addressed the whole cheating episode and talked about how he was able to work things out with Eniko Hart.

'My wife and I were on the same page because this is something we addressed in our household first,' he said.

Hart continued and explained 'Before it gets to the stage, my home has to be handled; we have to be in the space where we're OK, and our conversations are ultimately what led to the material that was birthed from it.'

What do you think about what Kevin had to say?

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  • Audra Bradley
    Audra Bradley Apr 2, 2019 5:58 AM PDT

    And make fun stop judging everyone on their opinions life aint fair for hardly no one but you deal with it bullying is the problem we need to stop.

  • Audra Bradley
    Audra Bradley Apr 2, 2019 5:56 AM PDT

    We all have some interaction with a gay or lesbian person or family just because you express something dont mean you hate its your opinion that community talk about straight people all the time also.

  • Audra Bradley
    Audra Bradley Apr 2, 2019 5:53 AM PDT

    I am so tired of black people having to apologize for everything we do or say at the time when we needed support and apologies we never got them what happen to freedom of speech and people's opinions.

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