Blac Chyna Grants Fans' Wish And Brings Back 'Cooking With Chyna'

Blac Chyna Grants Fans' Wish And Brings Back 'Cooking With Chyna'
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Blac Chyna decided to make her fans happy and shared an exciting announcement on her social media account. After reading it, her followers were really excited, and they made sure to praise her initiative in the comments section.

'Back by popular demand, I’m bringing back Cooking with Chyna!👩🏽‍🍳 Turn on your post notifications and tag ALL your friends! You don’t want to miss this!! 11:30 pst,' Chyna captioned the short clip.

Someone told her 'Been waiting for this for a whole damn year Chyna.'

Another follower said 'Yass I love that buttered shrimp u made last time it was fire. 🔥'

Someone else posted 'I am flabbergasted! She can cook!!!! So please tell me why she never became a chef or have her own cooking book. Why did we have to go through all this negativity to see prosperity?'

One other supporter got all excited and exclaimed: 'Yessss and you can cook, we'll be fixing to eat good chy I just cut my notifications on 👌 @blacchyna.'

Other than this, Chyna has recently sparked some booty reduction rumors with one of her latest videos.

Chyna shared a video showing fans her workout routine, and she managed to spark these rumors.

This came right after she posted a photo since she was in her school years and her  fans started debating her skin color .

A lot of people noticed that she used to be light-skinned as a kid as well and slammed haters who bashed her for allegedly lightning her skin as an adult.

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