Nipsey Hussle Vigil Ended In Chaos - Mourners Get Injured Amid Suspected Gunshots

Nipsey Hussle Vigil Ended In Chaos - Mourners Get Injured Amid Suspected Gunshots
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There's been a crowd of 300 to 400 people who fled in panic at the Nipsey Hussle memorial in South LA yesterday April 1. It seems that 19 people have been taken to the hospital according to AP News and also reported by the online magazine Hollywood Life.

It seems that a fight erupted in the crowd and this led to two critical injuries according to the reports.

LAPD chief Michel Moore posted on Twitter that many attendees were 'treated on scene for sprained ankles.'

On the other hand, it was also reported that authorities confirmed no gunshots were fired.

'Our men and women are on scene and making every effort to protect everyone in attendance at the Nipsey Hussle vigil. Reports of shots fired at the vigil do not appear to be accurate. We do have injured in the chaos and are attempting to restore order,' the LAPD posted on Twitter.

People in the comments are extremely confused and don't know what to believe anymore.

Someone commented 'This is why half of America views black people the way they do smh. Why can’t we just do better? 😭'

Another follower believes that 'They trying to paint a narrative, they hired them ... this is not us !!!!!! I believe.'

One other person said 'Hopefully no gang wars start. When Tupac died south side Compton Crips, and Lueders Park went to war. Hopefully, this doesn’t happen again.'

A follower had this to say: 'So the news reported shots fired without actually confirming that shots were fired 🤔 And y'all still believe everything they say? Oh ok.'

Someone else believes that 'This is so sad and scary at the same time. It makes a woman fear to bring children into a world so full of hate. We have to come together before it’s too late. I’m praying for our community. 👏❤️'

Tiny Harris and T.I. had some words for the mourning family, and so did other essential names in the community .

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