Tiffany Haddish Finally Reacts To The Kevin Hart Academy Awards Controversy

Tiffany Haddish Finally Reacts To The Kevin Hart Academy Awards Controversy
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According to a report from USAToday, Tiffany Haddish is coming to Kevin Hart's defense following his refusal to host the Academy Awards this year after a few media publications reported on his tweets from ten years ago, stirring up a flame-war between LGBT activists, Kevin, and the Academy.

As it was reported last month, Kevin stepped down from his hosting position right after he took to his social media account to announce himself as the host. Upon the resurfacing of old tweets, the Academy asked Kevin to apologize, and the comic declined.

Later on, he appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show where he spoke on the tweets once again, defending himself, and accusing those who outed him as malicious. During an interview with Lorraine Kelly, Tiffany Haddish dished on the controversy which she has managed to avoid since it all went down back in December of 2018.

When Lorraine suggested that she and Kevin host it together, Tiffany said, "It would be nice to have the yin and yang there," but the Academy was "tripping off of things" he said in his past. She then began talking about herself instead of Kevin Hart, coyly side-stepping the situation.

According to the Night School star, she has made mistakes in the past like anybody else, and those mistakes are precisely how she's learned to become successful. Tiffany realizes her wrongs, rights them, and then moves on to the appropriate course of action.

Currently, it isn't clear who will helm the Oscars this year, but rumor has it that the Academy has been scrambling to find somebody to take the position following Kevin's exit.

Some publications have suggested that nobody actually wants to host the Oscars because it's somewhat of a thankless job especially considering people then root through their social media, looking for something to publicize and then get upset over.

Apparently, the Academy even approached fellow comedian, Chris Rock, but he declined as well, arguing that the country has become far too sensitive in recent years for his style of comedy, or anybody's style of comedy for that matter. Lena Waithe, the writer, and star of Aziz Ansari's Master of None said it should be somebody black who hosts the awards.

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