Kevin Hart Denies Leaking Sex Tape As Accuser Reveals She Faced Bullying And Depression Amid Scandal

Kevin Hart Denies Leaking Sex Tape As Accuser Reveals She Faced Bullying And Depression Amid Scandal
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In a shocking turn of events, the woman who appeared in the 2017 Kevin Hart sex tape is suing him for $60 million. She claims that she believes the comedian allowed his friend to set up cameras to capture the intimate act - something that he wholeheartedly denies.

Kevin is currently recovering from a devastating car crash that miraculously spared his life and ability to walk. Montia Sabbag has come forward to accuse the actor of leaking the tape in order to gain more notoriety.

The incident not only damaged her reputation as an aspiring artist but also had effects on her mental health.

Sources told Radar Online: 'Tia used to cry every night after all of this came out. Everyone thought she was behind the video tape. She wants people to know now she was never [behind the tape].'


The person revealed to be behind the tape and the leak was none other than a close friend of Hart himself -- Johnathan Todd Jackson. Who, by the way, vehemently denies any wrongdoing .

Hart feels that Montia's claims make absolutely no sense.

The Blast reports: 'Our sources say that if you think about what this person is alleging logically, the allegations quickly fall apart. They maintain that it doesn't make sense for Kevin Hart, to concoct a stunt to promote his comedy that would severely harm his wife and his marriage when his career was already skyrocketing.'

Although Eniko Parrish, who was pregnant at the time Kevin stepped out on their marriage, found it in her heart to forgive her husband, he is definitely seen in a completely different light by the public. He was able to joke about it on his Netflix comedy special and often reminds fans that his trials and tribulations are what make him a better man, husband, and father.

What do you think about this messy situation?

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