Aaron Carter’s Ex-Girlfriend Lina Valentina Claims Carter Family Is Trying To Help Him - Calls Fans ‘Enablers’

Aaron Carter’s Ex-Girlfriend Lina Valentina Claims Carter Family Is Trying To Help Him - Calls Fans ‘Enablers’
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Aaron Carter's ex-girlfriend Lina Valentina weighed in on his drama with brother Nick Carter. She is saying his family is only trying to help and is also calling fans "enablers" for Aaron's erratic behavior.

TMZ caught up with Lina outside the Dream Hotel in Hollywood on Tuesday night. They couldn't pass up the chance to ask her about the latest drama involving her former love and his older brother.

Aaron and Lina dated for almost one year before calling it quits last month. She is genuinely concerned about her ex-boyfriend amid his social media rants regarding his family, gun talk, his mental state, as well as Aaron's use of prescription medication.

Lina shared with the celebrity website that Nick, Angel and the rest of the Carter clan are not the enemy.

"I am not the only one that is worried. I am absolutely worried, and so is his family. Everything that is happening right now is all because we are trying to help him. He is not seeing it that way right now. He thinks everybody is trying to take him down right now, but it is all coming out of love and care," she explained.

Aaron’s ex went on to explain she is not in contact with him for various reasons that she did not go into. However, she kept reiterating all actions being taken are because everyone wants to help Aaron get better.

Lina called out the singer's "yes" fans for making the situation worse when he so desperately needs help,

"His "yes" fans are enabling him and making things much worse. His family and the people that actually know him and love him are trying to do anything in our power to save him from himself," Lina declared before ending her interview on her ex-boyfriend.

Yesterday, Nick and Angel Carter were granted a restraining order against their brother after he allegedly threatened to kill Nick's wife and unborn child. The order sent Aaron on a Twitter rant blasting his famous brother and ending all relationships with his family.

Lina Valentina is Aaron Carter's ex-girlfriend. She is saying he is in desperate need of help, and fans are making it worse. Lina appeared genuinely concerned about her former flame, as she shared her version of what is going on with him.

The Carter family drama is only getting worse. It is hard to know who is speaking the truth. Who do you believe, Nick or Aaron?


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