Kate Middleton And Meghan Markle Dubbed The 'Least Hardworking' Royals Amid Feud Rumors

Kate Middleton And Meghan Markle Dubbed The 'Least Hardworking' Royals Amid Feud Rumors
Credit: Source: News.com.au

When it comes to the hardest working members of the royal family, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle come in dead last. A new report shows that Markle, who married into the family last May, only took part in 96 royal engagements last year — a number that pales in comparison to Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles.

Middleton actually did worse with only 87 events, but that was in large part due to her giving birth in 2018.

The events in the report include anything from a short visit to a speech or investiture.

The Duchess of Cambridge took maternity leave after welcoming her second son, Louis, last spring. According to Express , she resumed her royal duties in Sept., and she is expected to increase her number of engagements this year.

Pro-Republican groups in the UK have criticized Markle and Middleton for not working as hard as their elders. Some members of the anti-monarchy group even question Prince William's desire to be king.

"It’s not work as the rest of us know it," one pro-republican shared. "Their hours include watching sports matches and theatre. But the real question these figures raise is does William want to be king?"

William took part in 220 royal engagements in 2018. For comparison, Queen Elizabeth was involved in 283 events, despite her turning 92 years old.

But they still did not work as hard as Prince Charles, who carried out some 507 royal engagements. Charles, of course, is next in line to be King of England and is expected to have a large number of public appearances.

That said, Charles is not the hardest working member of the family. That title goes to Princess Anne, who appeared in 518 engagements in 2018.

Anne is Elizabeth's only daughter and is heavily involved in charitable work around the world. In fact, Anne has worked with over 300 charitable organizations, including Carers Trust, a company that works with the disabled and ill.

Prince Edward, meanwhile, came in next at 463 engagements, followed by his wife, Sophie, with 239 appearances.

The royal family has not commented on Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton’s workload report.


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