Josh And Anna Duggar Are Breaking One Of Jim Bob Duggar's Biggest Rules With Their Kids

Josh And Anna Duggar Are Breaking One Of Jim Bob Duggar's Biggest Rules With Their Kids
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Ever since his 2015 molestation and cheating scandal, former 19 Kids & Counting star Josh Duggar has basically disappeared from reality TV and social media, and fans have been totally okay with that. But, his wife Anna Duggar and the couple’s five children have returned to Instagram and Twitter in the past year, and every once in a while, Josh will make an appearance. Now, Counting On fans are noticing that Josh and Anna are letting their kids break a major family rule.

Josh’s younger sister Jinger became a Duggar style icon when she became the first woman in the family to wear jeans. Jinger was married and in her 20s when she started rocking the rebel fashion, and when she became a mom, she started dressing her daughter Felicity in her own tiny denim.

But, according to In Touch Weekly, there are other females in the family that are surprisingly wearing jeans - Josh and Anna’s daughters Meredith and Mackynzie.

Josh and Anna took their five kids to Silver Dollar City (an old-timey theme park located just outside of Branson, Missouri) for one last visit in 2018. And, when the couple posted pics of the trip, fans immediately noticed that they allowed their girls to wear pants. Before those photos, fans assumed that Josh and Anna required their daughters to wear skirts or dresses, just like Jim Bob and Michelle did for their daughters.

“We enjoyed one last trip to Silver Dollar City this year!” Anna wrote on Instagram. “It was great to be there with most of Joshua’s family and some extended family too! How are you guys wrapping up 2018?!?!”

Fans didn’t respond with answers to Anna’s question. Instead, they started to comment on the little girls wearing jeans, and many were happy to see them warm and cozy in pants instead of skirts. Anna quickly made it clear that the girls were still wearing skirts and dresses, and the pants underneath were nothing new.

“From the time Mackynzie has been a baby I have always allowed our girls to wear jeans instead of leggings in the winter,” she wrote. “The long coat is covering her dress.”

So, something that is new to us is old news to them. And it turns out, we had already seen Josh and Anna’s girls in pants before when they picked up a family friend at the airport. Now the question is, will they ever ditch the dresses and just wear the pants by themselves?

New episodes of Counting On will return to TLC later this year, you can keep up with Josh and Anna Duggar on social media.


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  • Amanda Hensley
    Amanda Hensley Jan 3, 2019 11:31 AM PST

    The kids r grown and not under their dad and mom's roof,so it shouldn't matter. It's their life!!!

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