Judge In Britney Spears Case Wants Close Scrutiny Of Her Conservatorship And Its Administrators

Judge In Britney Spears Case Wants Close Scrutiny Of Her Conservatorship And Its Administrators
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There is increasing scrutiny regarding Britney Spears' conservatorship and now a judge in the case has ordered an evaluation of its administrators. Britney Spears closed down her Las Vegas residency citing stress due to her father's ill health (Jamie Spears is the administrator of Britney's conservatorship) and then spent time in rehab to focus on her mental health. Since that time, Britney and her mother (Lynne Spears) appeared in court during a closed hearing to have their concerns addressed.

Lynne Spears has been living with Britney and wants to have a greater role in her daughter's conservatorship. Exactly what was said during court remains unknown, but several reports have stated that the judge has ordered intense scrutiny of everything that has already occurred under the conservatorship.

The Blast was able to look at court documents in the case and reported that under scrutiny will be all financial transactions, Britney's medical history including decisions made on her behalf, and her personal life.

The news comes with a sigh of relief to Britney's fans who've feared she is being manipulated, controlled, and ultimately used for her talents as a money-making machine. Britney's fans have protested in multiple ways and launched the #FreeBritney campaign.

You may read the report from the Blast below.

Britney's fans hope that the conservatorship will end and that Lynne Spears' support for Britney will be enough to both ensure that her daughter is well and has the freedom to make her own decisions.

There are conflicting reports; however, on the nature of Britney's current mental state. Some theorize there are nefarious reasons behind the reports and feel those saying Britney's mental health is at a crisis level are only doing so in order to remain in control of Britney's finances.

Britney's social media accounts have also been perplexing as she has shared photos and videos showing her in seemingly good health, while at the same time, some say her mental health is at a place she is barely functional.

Britney shared a video doing a yoga routine and has shared messages online saying she is doing well.

Britney's next court hearing is in September and it is expected that the judge's orders for evaluations of her conservatorship as well as Britney's current mental health will be completed by then.

What do you think of the judge's orders?

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