Jenelle Evans Says She's 'Sick Of The Drama' During New Rant

Jenelle Evans Says She's 'Sick Of The Drama' During New Rant
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The former Teen Mom star made it very clear that she is sick and tired of all that drama that has been going on in the aftermath of her husband David Eason shooting her pet dog. As fans know, Child Protective Services removed her son Kaiser from the home because of it and now, Jenelle went on a rant amid reports that they are considering taking her and David’s daughter, Ensley, away as well!

Jenelle argued that people should not just believe everything they hear!

As for the rumors about her 2-year-old daughter, it all started from a post her estranged sister, Ashleigh Evans Wilson, supposedly shared on her Facebook page.

‘How would anyone ever believe ANY of my siblings and then report some BS?! We all know damn well I don’t talk to my sister, have her blocked, and she’s the one to be looking at… not me. SO sick of this drama. Everyone wants a piece of my life… like why tho? (Btw the pic she posted was from 2 years ago at my house, she hasn’t been back since),’ Jenelle ranted, obviously very upset about the whole situation.

In the meantime, Ashleigh did tell The Blast that the Facebook page in question is actually not hers and so, whatever gets posted on there does not come from her.

She made it very clear that she has nothing to do with the Child Protective Services investigation going on and that the whole thing is ‘extremely private and is being dealt with by the family.’

But even though little Ensley continues to live with her parents at this time, Jenelle’s son, Kaiser, as well as David Eason’s daughter, Maryssa, from their respective previous relationships, have been taken away from the home on May 10.

The three kids were actually at the house when David allegedly brutally abused the dog and then shot it.


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