Jordyn Woods Throws Shade At Larsa Pippen After She Reveals Tristan Thompson Romance Before Khloe Kardashian Met Him!

Jordyn Woods Throws Shade At Larsa Pippen After She Reveals Tristan Thompson Romance Before Khloe Kardashian Met Him!
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Jordyn Woods took to social media to write an ambiguous message that seemed to shade Larsa Pippen after the latter revealed she dated Tristan Thompson before he got with Khloe Kardashian. Here’s what she had to say!

As you might know, Kim Kardashian’s former BFF revealed in a new interview that, not only did she also hook up with Tristan Thompson, she was the one who first introduced him to the Kardashians years ago!

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But fans were a bit confused by her claims and it sounds like so was Jordyn Woods!

The model might perceive Larsa as hypocritical since back when she had the kissing scandal with the same basketball player, Larsa criticized her for supposedly wanting to steal Khloe’s man but totally ignored the fact that Khloe did the same to Larsa!

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That being said, on the day Larsa opened up about her history with Tristan, Jordyn tweeted: ‘Make it make sense.’

She did not go into any details, nor did she mention any names but fans are convinced the cryptic tweet was a reaction to what Larsa dished!

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Not only that but, she also liked some posts from fans that were much more clearly about the interview so there is no doubt that she was confused by Larsa’s words.

One such tweet she agreed with reads: ‘ Jordyn woods is like the definition of making the best out of a bad situation.’

‘So she [Khloe Kardashian] was projecting her own guilt onto young a– Jordyn. Got it,’ another post Jordyn liked reads.

Sure enough, at the time the kiss scandal happened, Larsa was a hundred percent on Khloe’s side, criticizing the young model many times.

She even claimed that ‘there were other situations where [Jordyn and Tristan] were in the same room and it was like, a weird feeling.’


The repeated attacks on social media led to some fans accusing Larsa of ‘bullying’ Jordyn!


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  • Mary
    Mary Nov 10, 2020 11:11 AM PST

    Larsa, was at that house party that same night where Jordyn partied at Tristan house. Larsa, was too old to hang out at a party with twenty year old people. Shame on Larsa for all she accused Jordyn Woods of.

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