North West Exposes Tristan Thompson Was Present At Kardashian Halloween Party

North West Exposes Tristan Thompson Was Present At Kardashian Halloween Party
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The Kardashian family always has some drama around them. They’ve been the talk of the internet for a long time. However, things keep getting more intense with the Kardashian family especially since North West made a TikTok account.

In a recent TikTok video, North West showed off the fabulous Halloween party that the Kardashians threw. In a small snippet of her video, Tristan Thompson could be seen which raised a lot of questions about why he was invited. Tristan Thompson was in a relationship with Khloe Kardashian and they share two beautiful children, True Thompson and their newborn son whose name has not been revealed yet.

Tristan and Khloe broke up after Tristan impregnated another woman while he was having his surrogate baby with Khloe. However, despite the scandal that Tristan brought upon the family, the two have remained on good terms for the sake of their children as Khloe believes she was meant to have this baby.

Tristan Thompson did not dress up for this party but he was holding a costume helmet. His daughter True was wearing a PJ mask character and Khloe was dressed as a cat. Her newborn son was dressed as a tiger however in the quick moment of the video, the couple looked very awkward standing next to each other.

The TikTok also showed North West having her makeup done for the party as an alien. The TikTok showed North running around the party showing off the food and decorations. It also featured her friends dressed in multiple costumes such as a skeleton, a mummy, and even Psalm West dressed as a construction worker.

Kim Kardashian was seen going full force toward her decorations for Halloween as she showed off her backyard set as a graveyard and her house decorated like a mummy cave. The theme of her house was the Adams Family and the video contained the show’s theme song as well.

However, despite all the decorations and fun, fans can’t help but wonder why Tristan was invited and how he looks so out of place in no costume.

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