Johnny Depp Reportedly Begged Amber Heard To Cut Him The Sun's Lawyer Claims

Johnny Depp Reportedly Begged Amber Heard To Cut Him The Sun's Lawyer Claims
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A new audio recording heard on Friday in a United Kingdom court features Johnny Depp asking his former wife, Amber Heard, to cut him with a knife. Page Six says the recording features Depp asking his ex-wife to cut him wherever she wanted in July 2016.

The new recording was released amid Depp's libel lawsuit against The Sun after they called him a "wife-beater" in a 2018 article. They used Heard's allegations as the foundation for their story.

Page Six says that in the video, Amber begs Johnny not to cut himself and asks repeatedly why he was behaving in such a manner. The incident in question occurred just one month before Amber and Johnny finally put their divorce into motion.

When asked why he was behaving that way by the court, Depp said he was asking her to cut him, and if she wasn't willing to do it, he would do it himself. As it was previously reported, Depp is suing the British newspaper, The Sun, for calling him a "wife-beater."

Depp has insisted that he was never the perpetrator of violence in their relationship. Ever since the trial began, Depp's name has been in the headlines repeatedly.

Earlier this week, The Sun's lawyer, Sasha Wass, accused Johnny of dangling Amber Heard's teacup dog out of the window as they were driving.

Sasha said that Johnny found the incident funny, to which the actor responded by claiming he would never do such a thing to a small defenseless animal.

Wass also says Johnny would repeatedly threaten to throw Amber's dog into the microwave, however, Depp said it was merely a running joke. Yesterday, additionally, it was reported that the Pirates of the Caribbean actor used his own blood to spell "I Love You" on a glass window.

During the same hearing, Depp claimed that Amber had withheld his medication from him during his stay at his private Caribbean island to detox from drugs. The actor said that Amber withholding his medication from him was one of the cruelest things she had ever done.

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