Robert De Niro Wants To Live In Upstate New York Until Coronavirus Pandemic Is Under Control

Robert De Niro Wants To Live In Upstate New York Until Coronavirus Pandemic Is Under Control
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Robert De Niro's lawyer said today that his client would be spending much of his time in upstate New York on account of the coronavirus pandemic. His lawyer made the statement in a court hearing on Thursday.

Reportedly, The Irishman alum is in the middle of a divorce battle with Grace Hightower in which his ex-wife is asking a judge to demand De Niro to raise her monthly credit card limit from $50,000 to $100,000.

Moreover, Grace reportedly wants access to his upstate NY three-home estate. Caroline Krauss, the actor's lawyer, said to the judge that Grace shouldn't get the exclusive right to use the home because Robert, his children, and his grandchildren plan on staying there.

Krauss added that Robert intends on staying in Gardiner for the foreseeable future due to COVID-19, especially considering he's 76-years-old and is at considerable risk. Krauss says that De Niro's other kids are there, and he already has a medical condition that puts him at a particular risk of dying.

Hightower's lawyer says she and her two kids have been visiting the home for the last fifteen years. She wants exclusive access to the house from the 10th of July until the 15th and from the 31st of July until the 15th of August.

Due to not being able to visit the compound, Grace and her kids have been staying at their home in Manhattan amid the coronavirus pandemic. Her lawyer, McDonough, also noted how the property should be considered as a "marital property" because he alleges they had spent millions of dollars on the property.

Krauss claims this is untrue because De Niro already owned the house in 1996, well before he started dating her. In the end, the Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Matthew concluded the De Niro should pay her an additional $75,000 so she could find a new place away from the streets of the Big Apple.

As it was previously reported, De Niro and Hightower, who have been together since 1997, filed for divorce two years ago in 2018. They split in 1999 for the first time but got together again in 2004.


This is just another batch of problems in De Niro's personal life following a lawsuit filed against him by a former employee. 

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