Robert De Niro Updates Fans On Terrible Leg Injury - 'The Pain Was Excruciating!'

The actor suffered a really bad leg injury not too long ago and now, […]

Posted on May 16, 2021 3:33 PM PDT

Ben Stiller Reflects On The Time He Had 'Jitters' While Making Meet The Parents With Robert De Niro

Greg Focker was utterly terrified of Robert De Niro's character in Meet The Parents, […]

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Sharon Stone Says Kissing Robert De Niro Was The Best On-Screen Kiss Ever

According to Sharon Stone, her kiss with Robert De Niro in Martin Scorsese's classic, […]

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Mickey Rourke Slams Robert De Niro In Instagram Post

On Friday, Mickey Rourke had some choice words for his fellow Hollywood actor, Robert […]

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Robert De Niro Wants To Live In Upstate New York Until Coronavirus Pandemic Is Under Control

Robert De Niro's lawyer said today that his client would be spending much of […]

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Robert De Niro Talks About Raising His Biracial Children In At Time Where There's Racial Tension

Robert De Niro is the father of six biracial children. While civil unrest is […]

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Robert De Niro Thinks That More Could've Been Done To Fight Coronavirus In The US

Robert De Niro isn't happy with the way the United States government handled the […]

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Robert De Niro And Estranged Wife Agree To Custody Deal Of Their 7-Year-Old Daughter

Robert De Niro, despite his incredibly successful career, has definitely encountered some legal disputes. […]

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Robert De Niro Not Interested In Settling Sexual Harassment Lawsuit With Former Employee

Robert De Niro doesn't plan on settling the lawsuit brought against him by a […]

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Robert De Niro Talks About The 'Deeply Concerning' Political Climate In Life Achievement Award Acceptance Speech At The SAG Awards!

Robert De Niro was honored with the Life Achievement Award at the Screen Actors […]

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