Robert De Niro And Estranged Wife Agree To Custody Deal Of Their 7-Year-Old Daughter

Robert De Niro And Estranged Wife Agree To Custody Deal Of Their 7-Year-Old Daughter
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Robert De Niro, despite his incredibly successful career, has definitely encountered some legal disputes. In other words, not all is well in De Niro's world. Reported first by Page Six, the outlet claims the actor and his estranged wife recently met up in a Manhattan court on Valentine's Day to hammer out a custody deal regarding their 7-year-old child.

On what is considered to be the most romantic day of the year, the Godfather alum and Grace Hightower agreed on a parenting agreement which Robert said he felt "great" about as he walked out of the Manhattan Supreme court.

Judge Matthew Cooper said that the agreement between the aforementioned couple essentially solved many of the disagreements they had previously. Reportedly, the actor was seen reading a script on his laptop as his lawyers fought on his behalf inside the courtroom.

Page Six claims that sources could hear Robert's lawyer saying that it was the "same old s**t over and over again," whereas the lawyer for Hightower insinuated Robert was worth "a billion dollars." Thus far, it's not clear what the terms of the agreement were.

Legal sources have stated that Grace and De Niro still haven't worked through their financial issues either. However, they did sign a 31-page custody agreement regarding their 7-year-old. As it was noted above, De Niro has encountered several legal quagmires in recent months.

Bridget Hill, on the 30th of January, reported that Robert De Niro had no intention of paying the woman who brought sexual harassment and gender discrimination claims against him in a civil lawsuit initially unveiled last year.

De Niro's lawyer in the case, Hillary Raimondi, argued that Robert De Niro refused to settle the lawsuit, which means the actor won't be paying the money she's asking for. As it was previously reported, Graham Chase Robinson filed a $12 million lawsuit against the Academy Award winner back in October.

She claims Robert subjected her to a variety of sexist behaviors and treatment, including making him do his laundry and other errands, despite the fact she was the vice president of the production company he founded and helmed.

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