Robert De Niro Not Interested In Settling Sexual Harassment Lawsuit With Former Employee

Robert De Niro Not Interested In Settling Sexual Harassment Lawsuit With Former Employee
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Robert De Niro doesn't plan on settling the lawsuit brought against him by a woman who he formerly employed. Page Six claims his lawyer said to the court on Thursday that his client wasn't going to pay any money to settle the case.

Hillary Raimondi, De Niro's attorney, said to the court as Graham Chase Robinson looked on that De Niro and his team weren't going to cough up the money to drop the dispute. Reportedly, the Academy Award-winning actor wasn't there for the hearing today.

As it was previously reported, Robinson filed a lawsuit against Robert and his production company, Canal Productions, for a whopping $12 million in October of last year, accusing him of verbal abuse, sexist behavior, and other creepy insinuations.

Despite the fact the 37-year-old held the title of vice president of production, she claims she was still obligated to listen to his sexual jokes, set his table, and even do his laundry at times. De Niro dropped a suit against his former assistant in August for $3 million, accusing Robinson of stealing airline miles.

Later, Robinson threatened to write a book in which she would detail all of Mr. De Niro's alleged transgressions. When reporters approached her outside the courtroom, Chase-Robinson declined to comment.

Suzy Kerr reported back in October 2019 that Graham Chase Robinson had introduced a $12 million civil suit against Robert De Niro, accusing him of several transgressions, including harassment, gender discrimination, and wage violations.

She claims Robert made her do all kinds of things that his male employees weren't obligated to do. Followers of the case know that Robinson filed her suit approximately two months after De Niro preemptively sued for embezzlement.

E! News reported that Robinson first started working with the iconic actor back in 2008. Over the last ten years, she managed to work her way up to Vice President of Production and Finance. However, she quit her job in April 2019. She claims Robert always referred to her as his assistant, rather than as vice president of the organization.

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