Johnny Depp Allegedly Spelled 'I Love You' With The Blood From His Severed Finger

Johnny Depp Allegedly Spelled 'I Love You' With The Blood From His Severed Finger
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Johnny Depp has been all over the news headlines over the last few weeks after his court hearing in the United Kingdom began. Depp is currently suing the British newspaper, The Sun, and its owners, for writing a story about him in 2018 that referred to the Pirates of the Caribbean actor as a "wife-beater."

Page Six reported on part of the trial today in which it was alleged that Depp had once written "I love you" on a mirror with the blood from his finger. The actor purportedly severed his finger during a fight with the Never Back Down actress, Amber Heard.

In a statement read out loud to the court, Heard argued that she was terrified for her safety over an incident in which Depp allegedly shoved her up against a ping-pong table and choked her against a fridge.

The Daily Mail reported on the lawyer's statement in which it was alleged that Heard was left with multiple injuries, including cuts on her body, a swollen nose, as well as a broken lip.

The Sun's attorney, Sasha Wass, has repeatedly claimed in her arguments that Depp had been drunk and high on drugs during multiple altercations. Sasha accused Depp of taking 10 ecstasy tablets in under two hours.

Earlier this week, Sasha also reiterated claims from Amber in which she accused Johnny of once hanging her teacup dog outside the car window as they drove down a busy street. Depp claimed the story was completely false, and he wouldn't find dangling a dog outside of a window to be funny.

Currently, Depp is fighting against Heard in a court of law in the United States as well regarding her Washington Post op-ed. The op-ed, while it never directly named the Pirates of the Caribbean alum, referred to Amber as a "domestic abuse" survivor.

The op-ed was widely assumed to be about Johnny. According to Page Six, that case will be heard next year. Sources say it's unclear how Johnny will win the case due to his name never being mentioned in the essay.

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