Jeff Bezos And Lauren Sanchez May Skip Town To Get Married In A Secretive Ceremony

Jeff Bezos And Lauren Sanchez May Skip Town To Get Married In A Secretive Ceremony
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Reported first by Page Six, Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez are allegedly considering sneaking off to a private place to get married. A source who spoke with the outlet claimed Lauren and Jeff are very serious about their romance, in spite of previous reports to the contrary.

In the past, Jeff and Lauren have been seen by spectators getting wine and food together, moreover, they've watched a couple of Broadway performances as a couple. An insider who spoke with Page Six said things are far more serious between them than initially suspected.

"I see them sneaking off to make things official," the insider remarked to the entertainment section of the New York Post. With that said, however, the source states that the ceremony would be very private and very personal because they don't want the event to be a sensationalized affair.

At the moment, Sanchez, who recently split up with Patrick Whitesell, is now gearing up to work on Jeff Bezos' $80,000,000 home in New York City. Last month, it was revealed that Bezos took over three apartments at 212 Fifth Avenue, which overlooks Madison Square Park.

In celebration of the Fourth of July holiday, Lauren took Jeff out for a trip in a helicopter which she was piloting. Moreover, they were spotted again landing in the West Side heliport.

As it was previously reported, Jeff and MacKenzie recently finalized the last steps of their divorce, with MacKenzie walking away with a whopping 19.7 million shares of the retailer giant. Explained in another way, MacKenzie's shares are worth a total of $38 billion.

Furthermore, MacKenzie will retain 4% of the company, claims a report from Bloomberg, which makes her the 22nd richest person on earth. This makes her the world's 4th the most wealthy women. In other related news, MacKenzie intends to pledge away much of her wealth in the initiative created by the Gates family - the creators of Microsoft.

In her previous statement, MacKenzie said she had a lot of money to give away and had no problems in donating much of it.

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