MacKenzie Bezos' Message Inbox Exploding With Dating Offers Following Her Divorce With Jeff

MacKenzie Bezos' Message Inbox Exploding With Dating Offers Following Her Divorce With Jeff
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According to a report from Page Six, ever since it was revealed MacKenzie Bezos and her billionaire husband, Jeff Bezos, announced their split to the world, the former's message inboxes have been exploding with offers from would-be suitors.

This past weekend, it was revealed by the aforementioned outlet that Jeff and MacKenzie finally officiated the terms of their divorce, leaving MacKenzie with approximately $38,000,000,000 in shares of the global retailer, Amazon.

One Twitter user, Don Palovitz, commented to MacKenzie that she was the "hottest MILF I have ever imagined!" Mr. Don wasn't the only person to send MacKenzie all kinds of messages. She was recently given the designation of the 22nd richest person on the planet by Bloomberg.

Another suitor wrote to her, "give me a call and we can meet up someplace." As it was just noted, Jeff and MacKenzie called it quits in a divorce that left MacKenzie sitting on a massive pile of cash through shares of the company.

Page Six claims Jeff has actually earned $275,000,000 every single day in the last year. Thus far, it has been reported that MacKenzie has a whopping 19.7 million shares in Amazon and a whole hot-bed of men who are interested in picking up where Jeff left off.

Interestingly, it appears as though a lot of people are trying to take MacKenzie's offer on receiving donations. In the past, the multi-billionaire pledged to give away much of her wealth in the Giving Pledge, created by the tech company juggernauts, Melinda and Bill Gates as well as Warren Buffet.

In a letter earlier this year, MacKenzie said she had more money to donate to causes than she could bear. She added, "It will take time and effort and care," to consider which causes she'll donate to. Jeff and MacKenzie first tied the knot twenty-six years ago in 1993. Apparently, they had signed no prenuptial agreement.

MacKenzie didn't try and take all of Jeff's fortune, however, leaving him to continue his full ownership of both The Washington Post as well as Blue Origin.

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