Is Kelly Dodd Getting Fined By Bravo For Leaking Vicki Gunvalson's Demotion Storyline Ahead Of RHOC Season 14?

Is Kelly Dodd Getting Fined By Bravo For Leaking Vicki Gunvalson's Demotion Storyline Ahead Of RHOC Season 14?
Credit: Source: Bravo

Early last month rumors started to swirl that Bravo had demoted Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson to “friend” status for Season 14 , and the network is not happy about it. According to LALATE, RHOC producers have threatened to fine cast members for leaking upcoming storylines, and it was all because of Kelly Dodd.

The rumor of Gunvalson’s demotion began with Bravolebrity Jeff Lewis talking about it on his SiriusXM radio show Jeff Lewis Live in early February, and Dodd called into the show to let him know that she had heard the same thing.

After her radio show appearance, Dodd started slamming Gunvalson on Twitter and Instagram and revealed that the OG of the OC wasn’t filming scenes for Season 14 with the rest of the cast. This led to producers issuing fines to anyone in the RHOC cast who slammed Gunvalson or leaked storylines.

This is not the first time Dodd has faced accusations of leaking storylines. Just last year she told fans that she got “punished” for giving away storylines, but she said it was Gunvalson and her boyfriend who leaked info to Page Six.

  Dodd has never had any trouble going after people on social media. She recently drove Heather Dubrow nuts calling her names like “Skeletor” and “Joker Face,”

“No. 1 — Are we face shaming and body shaming people still? I thought we were done with that,” tweeted Dubrow. “Like, you want to be mad at me, you don’t like me, you want to avoid me, you think I yelled at you — okay, that’s fine. You’re allowed your narrative. You’re allowed your opinion. But why call me Skeletor and Joker Face? And you’re a mom! What kind of role model are you being? Don’t call people names.”

Dubrow added that Dodd’s behavior reminded her of social media trolls who just want to be nasty and say mean things. Instead, Dubrow says that Dodd shouldn’t say anything if she doesn’t have anything nice to say. And, she should completely avoid the name calling because it’s beneath her.

As for Gunvalson, she has confirmed that she is returning to RHOC for Season 14, and the rumor is she made it happen after promising a proposal and wedding. It still isn’t clear if she will be a full-time cast member or a “friend” of the show.

Kelly Dodd has been spotted filming Season 14 all over social media. New episodes of Real Housewives of Orange County will return to Bravo later this year.


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