Tamar Braxton Jokes About The R. Kelly Interview With Gayle King And Fans Debate The Issue

Tamar Braxton Jokes About The R. Kelly Interview With Gayle King And Fans Debate The Issue
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Unless you've been living under a rock or in a long forgotten cave without Internet, you probably saw the controversial interview that R. Kelly had with Gayle King.

At one point, he lost it, and everyone who watched freaked out, but not Gayle.

She was steady as a rock, and she even claimed she was never afraid or agitated during his breakdown when he got up on his feet and yelled in the studio.

As expected, social media became flooded with various memes on the subject. Tamar Braxton also posted a photo on her social media account hinting at Gayle's strength.

'It’s easy to be unbothered when it ain’t your daughters💔' someone commented.

Another follower threw a more or less subtle shade on Tamar: 'You could learn a lot from Gayle lol. She knows how to be calm & quiet.'

Someone else believes that 'She saw through the acting and watched in amazement that he assumed he was getting an Oscar for it. 😂😅🤣'

A follower posted that 'She doesn’t seem to care to me, the man is really 😡 upset to me! He is being bullied. if you were in the hot seat and you are trying to live your life! Let any man or woman committed a sin; you be the first to hang him! I don’t think 🤔 so! Stop 🛑 the judging so, please! We all are not purpose!!!'

A person responded: 'You’re defending R Kelly as a black man meanwhile his victims were black. Where’s their defense. All pedophiles can die slow for all I care.'

Another commenter said that 'I think ppl are tripping R. Kelly is guilty but it's sad to see his breakdown. However, I'm ready to see white men prosecuted as well. Someone posted on fb why are there no memes of the white guys? So that's my question too....I see A LOT of black ppl making jokes and posting memes 🤷🏿. R. Kelly is indefensible...so stop with all the white man bs. He didn't hurt white ppl he hurt and embarrassed US with his sick ways lives destroyed. That being said y'all tired of all the attention he gets. Create your post, memes, and such about ALL the celebrity sex offenders as well...they need to be in prison and paraded on the news outlets as well!'

Anyway, this is quite a never-ending debate and an extremely complicated issue which should definitely use some expert opinions as well, because what has been happening in this case also touches a pathological problem.


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