Is Britney Spears In Danger Of Going Bald?

Is Britney Spears In Danger Of Going Bald?
Credit: Source: Britney Spears/Instagram

A new report is circulating saying that Britney Spears is in danger of going bald and her fans are not having it. The Globe reported that Britney Spears has dyed her hair too many times and that it is going to fall out and make her look like a billiard ball. The article has angered and upset Britney's fans who say the report is false, and that it is mean spirited. Britney dyed her hair from her customary blonde to brunette, then back to blonde. She has shared multiple photos on her Instagram account since undergoing the color change and her hair doesn't look as if it's lost any of its health.

Britney has been focusing on her spiritual, emotional, and physical well being and she's shared multiple photos and videos from her yoga practices. Fans are excited about her yoga and have said they hope she releases a yoga DVD .

You may see the report that's sparking outrage among Britney's fans below.

Britney Spears has very devoted fans and has for years. Many people remember how Chris Crocker went viral years ago begging the media to leave Britney alone and not to push her over the edge with hateful and bullying stories. Some fans feel that this latest story is damaging to Britney's self-esteem and are worried about her.

Fortunately for Britney, it looks like her hair is fine and that she isn't in danger of becoming bald or having her hair fall out due to dying it brown.

Britney has an entire beauty team at her disposal if she needs them and even if her hair was damaged from dying it, there are many steps she can take to save it. If Britney lost her hair, she could wear a wig and then get extensions and most likely no one would never know the difference.

Britney has been reading the book The Inner Goddess Revolution and it seems to be having a very positive impact on her.

What do you think of this report? Do you agree with Britney's fans who are worried that this report might trigger some sort of setback for Britney?

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