Ellen DeGeneres Sends A Special Birthday Message To Kate McKinnon Who Will Be A Guest On The Ellen Show

Ellen DeGeneres Sends A Special Birthday Message To Kate McKinnon Who Will Be A Guest On The Ellen Show
Credit: Source: Ellen DeGeneres/Twitter

It's been an exciting week for Saturday Night Live featured player Kate McKinnon. On Sunday, Kate had the honor of presenting her role-model and idol, Ellen DeGeneres, with the 2020 Carol Burnett Award for Oustanding Achievement in Television. The next day, Monday, January 6, 2020, the Bombshell actress celebrated her 36th birthday. Now, she will appear on The Ellen Show where she will discuss her time at the Golden Globes as well as presenting Ellen with her special honor. Kate is expected to dish on multiple subjects, including working with Margot Robbie, Charlize Theron, and Nicole Kidman in Bombshell.  She's also expected to weigh in on how sitting near Beyonce and Jay-Z made her nervous.

Ellen left Kate McKinnon a sweet birthday message following the Golden Globes honor where she thanked her for her kind words. Kate's speech was heartfelt and many eyes filled with tears as Kate expressed how important it was to her growing up to have a positive LGBTQ role model such as Ellen.

Ellen shared the following message and photo that was taken after Ellen received her Carol Burnett Award.

Happy birthday, Kate McKinnon. You gave me the best present last night. Thank you for being there, and thank you for being on my show tomorrow.
📷: @alexilubomirski @goldenglobes

You may see the photo that Ellen shared below.

Kate McKinnon will also delve into how she was left speechless after sitting at the table with Beyonce and Jay-Z. Speaking about her nerves since it was her first time appearing at the Golden Globes, Kate stated the following.

"I mean the table that we were at — well you’re there and you are to me, everything. And then Portia, everything. And then we had Carol Burnett, you know, American legend. And then there was also Beyoncé and Jay-Z at the table, which, I mean, they’re the king and queen of America, they were unbelievably gracious."

You may see a full report below.

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