Dwayne Johnson Slammed For Photo Of Young Daughter At Swimming Pool

Dwayne Johnson Slammed For Photo Of Young Daughter At Swimming Pool
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Social media is slamming Dwayne Johnson after he posted a picture of his young daughter at the swimming pool.

The 3-year-old is featured in a photo with The Rock, as she stands at the edge of the pool, ready to jump into the waiting arms of her father. Now it sounds innocent enough. However, little Jasmine Johnson is not wearing a swimsuit.

Johnson was blasted for showing his toddler without any clothes. Fans were not thrilled he would choose to show her in her birthday suit. Rather than focusing on the father and daughter bonding moment , social media was all about the little girl sans her clothes.

"I love the Rock, but this pic isn't necessary for social media. They made bathing suits for a reason," shared a fan.

"Why would you expose a young child's body to millions of people?" asked one shocked fan.

"As a mother to a female human, please cover her nakedness on media platforms," wrote one disgruntled fan.

All of the backlash must have gotten to The Rock because, after about three hours, the post was deleted from Twitter. However, before it was taken down, one follower jumped to the Hobbs & Shaw star's defense.

"Those who are sexualizing this picture of his daughter because she is swimming with no clothes on obviously don't know what it's like to grow up in the islands or in a Polynesian household. This is very normal and not sexual in any way with our culture," read the supportive comment.

Dwayne Johnson was slammed by social media after posting a picture of his toddler daughter without a swimsuit, as she prepared to jump into the pool with him. It was not tasteless, but that has not stopped fans from bashing his choice to post the picture.

Last year shortly after his daughter Gia was born, The Rock endured scrutiny for posting a picture of the baby laying against his bare chest. Users were quick to bash and make fun of him for taking his shirt off to hold the baby. He wasted no time replying and reiterating how important skin to skin contact is for newborns.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson has not responded to all of the criticism surrounding his latest social media post. His removing the picture made a statement, but it is unlike the actor to not have an opinion, especially when fans are slamming him.

What are your thoughts on Johnson's picture? Did he cross a line by posting his toddler without a swimsuit?

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