Drake Is Dragged In R. Kelly's Latest Drama Along With His Girlfriend, Joycelyn Savage, And Her Sister, Jailyn

Drake Is Dragged In R. Kelly's Latest Drama Along With His Girlfriend, Joycelyn Savage, And Her Sister, Jailyn
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Joycelyn Savage, mostly known as being one of R&B star R. Kelly’s girlfriends, switched sides and made a lengthy confession about how she was manipulated and controlled by the 52-year-old music star.

The 24-year-old created her Patreon page, and in her first post, she talked about her experience with Kelly.

According to Savage, she met Kelly when she was 19, and she agreed to become his girlfriend in exchange for presents, cash, luxurious vacations, and an opportunity for a music career.

However, the singer’s behavior soon changed for the worse as he started to require for Savage to call him “Daddy” or “Master” when speaking to him.

Savage also claimed that Kelly manipulated everyone around him, and people usually agreed with the star because they were staying around for the money.

In her post, she described that while with Kelly, she lacked privacy all the time, as there was always an assistant following her in his house, and even when she was at the shower, someone would usually stand by the door.

As for her reasoning why she stayed in a relationship with such a controlling man, Savage explained that every time she wanted to argue with him or contact her family, Kelly would threaten her with ending the chance for her music career.

Savage’s accusations towards the R&B performer came as a surprise for many people because before her post, she used to be on Kelly’s side and even has appeared in an interview with the singer’s other girlfriend, Azriel Clary, and the two women passionately defended their man, saying everything said against him was a lie.

Savage is also slamming Drake for trying to reach out to her.

Meanwhile, her sister, Jailyn Savage, jumped on Instagram Live to say there is a possibility that perhaps someone else is publishing the wild stories for money, and it is not Joycelyn.

She said: “I’ve been receiving a lot of messages regarding my sister’s situation. So, I’m not sure, but usually, when someone comes out and speaks something like that or say their life is in danger, they will contact their family. So, I’m praying to God that this is not what I think it is: somebody just trying to get a check off of my sister’s situation. I really pray to God that’s not the case. But I just wanted to make sure everybody knows what’s going on [with] me and my family’s aspect of this situation. We are just as clueless as everybody else."

She added: "I’m reading the stories, and some of it sounds like it could be her, but she’s making all of these slick remarks to different types of celebrities and stuff, and it just does not sound like my sister. It sounds like someone is joking to me. It does not sound genuinely like my sister’s situation. So I just wanted to make sure that I clarify that.”

This situation could get messier.

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