Porsha Williams Gets Tamar Braxton's Help As She Goes After Loni Love Because Of This Comment

Porsha Williams Gets Tamar Braxton's Help As She Goes After Loni Love Because Of This Comment
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The Real Housewives of Atlanta diva Porsha Williams made it clear she gets fierce when people comment on her private life when she jumped on the co-hostess of The Real ,” Loni Love, after the latest episode of the show aired.

Tamar Braxton made sure to post a few “looking you” emojis. Loni discussed the relationship between Porsha and her fiancée, Dennis McKinley, with one of the other co-hosts of the show, Adrienne Ballon.

The celebrity couple made the news earlier this year when they separated in June but got back together after a few weeks.

The supposed reason for the split was the ongoing rumor that Dennis was unfaithful to Porsha, who gave birth to a baby daughter in March.

During the episode, the 36-year-old Adrienne stated that even though she was not trying to be judgmental about Porsha’s decisions in life, she still did not understand them.

Adrienne’s co-hostess replied that the reality star was trying to get that show.

The singer said: “I couldn’t do it, but I’m not going to judge someone else for the way they choose to live their life or decisions she’s going to make. I don’t understand it.”

Loni added: “Let me tell you something, Porsha trying to get that reality show.”

Loni’s comment angered Porsha so much that on the next day, she shared a video of the conversation on her Instagram page with the threatening caption: “B***h F You! #FakeA$s Don’t run smiling when I see you”.

Loni quickly tried to fix the situation by commenting that she did not mean anything bad when she said those things and that her statement was a light-hearted one.

The co-cost also expressed a hope that Porsha gets the show. The words exchange between the Loni and Porsha sparked a heated discussion between the followers of the two, as some said Loni was a hater, and others insisted that Porsha should take down the footage.

Since then, it seems that Porsha accepted the explanation and deleted her post from Instagram and is now focusing on her baby daughter, Pilar Jhena.

She posted a few sweet photos, and one fan told her:

“I remember enjoying my daughter like that when she was a baby. She’s 29 years old now and still my baby. Enjoy your time with her, and keep cherishing the moments. They grow up so fast.”

Porsha is once fierce lady.

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