Donald Trump And Mike Pence Left Letters At The White House For President Joe Biden And VP Kamala Harris

Donald Trump And Mike Pence Left Letters At The White House For President Joe Biden And VP Kamala Harris
Credit: Source: Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

President Joe Biden revealed yesterday that Donald Trump left him a letter. It was also learned that the outgoing Vice President Mike Pence left a letter in the White House for Vice President Kamala Harris . Neither has stated publicly what their letters entailed. Joe Biden described his letter as generous but didn't elaborate on what that meant.

During a press conference with White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, a reporter asked if the president was going to reveal the contents of his letter to the public. President Biden stated that he would wait until he spoke to President Trump before releasing information from his private letter.

Jen then clarified that there wasn't a planned phone call scheduled between President Biden and former President Trump.

News that Donald Trump left a note for President Joe Biden came as a surprise to many after Trump refused to attend the Presidential inauguration. It is customary for the outgoing president to spend time with the incoming administration including talking at the White House, ensuring that the power has been transitioned properly, and even giving the incoming president a tour.

President Donald Trump did none of these and instead of attending the inauguration, held his own red carpet farewell and speech at Joint Base Andrews. Vice President Mike Pence attended the inauguration and was even seen sharing a laugh with Vice President Kamala Harris following the event.

You may see Press Secretary Jen Psaki's first press conference where she spoke about President Biden's letter from Donald Trump in the video player below.

Though the public has no idea what Donald Trump's letter to President Biden said, many on social media had their ideas.

Lindsey Ok likened Trump's 'Dear Joe' letter to Eminem's song "Stan." She wrote the following.

Dear Joe, I wrote you but you still ain’t calling. I left my cell, my pager and my home phone at the bottom. I wrote two letters back in autumn you must not a got em. There probably was a problem at the post office or something.

Another person shared a photo of a letter written in crayon suggesting that Donald Trump was running away.

Another meme suggested that Donald Trump's 'Dear Joe' letter said that Trump won 'bigly' in reference to his false claims that he won the election and that it was stolen from him. You may see that meme below.

What do you think about the news that Donald Trump and Mike Pence left letters for President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris? Would you like to see the letters?


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