LGBTQ Activist Otep Calls Out Karen Pence On Homophobia, Praises NY Ban On Gay Conversion Therapy

LGBTQ Activist Otep Calls Out Karen Pence On Homophobia, Praises NY Ban On Gay Conversion Therapy
Credit: Source: Otep/Instagram

LGBTQ activist Otep called out the wife of Vice President Mike Pence for her apparent homophobia and disservice to the homosexual community. Karen Pence is under fire from civil rights activists nationwide after it was learned she accepted a job at a Christian school that not only bans gay students and their parents but those who support the homosexual lifestyle in any way, shape or form.

The Trump administration is no friend to the gay community as Otep has previously pointed out. For many; however, the announcement that the second lady of the United States would approve religious discrimination against the LGBTQ is more than they are willing to accept. When Donald Trump picked Mike Pence to be his vice president running mate, LGBTQ activists immediately drew attention that Pence was a proponent for gay conversion therapy.

Also known as Sexual Orientation Change Efforts or Reparative Therapy, the methods used have been debunked as pseudoscience and many experts refer to conversion therapy as psychological abuse and even torture.

After the Obama years, many in America are not in support of pseudoscientific methods of abuse and torture being espoused from the White House, including Otep Shamaya who fronts the epynomous band Otep.

Otep opened a conversation on the subject on her official Instagram page and the responses were varied and in-depth.

Otep has been vocal about her support for Hillary Clinton since before the election and like many have called for President Donald Trump's impeachment.

As an open and out lesbian who never tried to pretend she was anything other than her authentic self and who never lied about her sexuality as a way of furthering her music career, Otep speaks from experience about the damage views such as President Trump's, Mike Pence, and Karen Pence have on young members of the homosexual community.

One user replied to Otep's post with the following.

"How are people like this suppose to encourage our youth? How."

When one fan asked if it was a Christian school and stated that the practice made sense, Otep responded with the following.

"Leviticus also states eating shellfish is an abomination as is wearing multi fabric blends & women shouldn’t cut their hair or shown it in public & speaking without a male chaperone should be stoned. Just bcz it’s a private school doesn’t mean they can discriminate."

In another comment, Otep pointed out how Vice President Mike Pence's approval rating as governor of Indiana was low and how he wouldn't become president should Donald Trump be impeached.

In another post, she discussed conversion therapy and remarked how the fight for civil rights within the homosexual community continues in 2019, while praising New York for banning the practice.

What do you think about Karen Pence's and Mike Pence's stance on homosexuality? Do you agree or disagree with the Vice President's wife working in a school with a blatant homophobic and discriminatory policy?


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