Vice President Kamala Harris Impressed Fans With Her Speech

Vice President Kamala Harris Impressed Fans With Her Speech
Credit: BET

Vice President Kamala Harris impressed her fans and followers with her speech these days. Check out the clip that The Shade Room also shared on social media.

Kamala gave a touching speech during the 'Celebrating America' virtual concert the other night.

As TSR revealed, Vice President Harris spoke about the importance of having the 'will to do the work' for a healthy democracy & called on Americans to have 'the courage to see beyond crisis.'

A follower said: 'We can finally get eloquent speeches now instead of the old elementary school speeches,' and someone else posted this message: 'The whole world laughing at America.'

Someone else said: 'This gotta be the longest day in damn history, lord,' and another follower posted this: 'she is amazing!'

A commenter wrote: 'The little black girl in me is so proud right now. Look at us. Taking over and leaving our mark out here👏🏽👏🏽' and someone else said: 'Why Does This Feel Like We Regain Our Independence Today.'

A follower responded and said: 'probably because you’ve been programmed by CNN and Instagram posts.'

Earlier today, Kamala made headlines once again.

Just in case you don’t know, there’s been some backlash that Vogie received regarding featuring  Kamala Harris  on its cover. The Shade Room reported more details about the subject during the past week, and the social media account comes back with news.

TSR noted that during the past week, Vogue  got massive backlash for the February cover that features Vice President Kamala Harris.

Kamala appeared too casual and looked “washed out” while wearing a black jacket and Chuck Taylor sneakers.

The magazine announced that it has decided to issue an alternative cover.


Check out more details on the subject as they were reported earlier.

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