Demi Lovato's Family Afraid She Will Relapse As She Is Staying Under The Radar With Bad Boy BF

Demi Lovato's Family Afraid She Will Relapse As She Is Staying Under The Radar With Bad Boy BF
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Demi Lovato’s family is worried about her sobriety after the singer removed herself from social media. Lovato received a lot of backlash after making comments about 21 Savage on Twitter , which prompted her to delete her account – and now her family is concerned that she is on the verge of another relapse .

Inside sources claim that Lovato has shunned everyone except for her bad boy boyfriend, Henri Levy, whom her family worries is a terrible influence on her. Lovato, who just finished a lengthy stint in rehab after her drug overdose last summer in Hollywood Hills, reportedly met Levy at the treatment facility.

“She’s shut everyone else out of her life!” an insider dished. “Demi has cut off contact with all of the people that love her and care about her and she is spending every single second with Henri.”

The source told Radar Online that Lovato and Levy are now living together. She also claims that Levy is keeping her sober, though her family does not believe it. The last time Lovato was spotted in public was at the end of January, when she left her hometown gym. The singer was alone at the time of the outing.

Lovato decided to delete her Twitter account after she made a joke about the rapper, 21 Savage, over Super Bowl Sunday. After fans criticized Lovato for poking fun at the rapper, she promptly deleted her account. She also has not shared any photos on Instagram over the past few weeks, sparking concern about her health.

To make things more complicated, inside sources claim that Lovato has been acting like a completely different person ever since she met Levy. As fans are well aware, Levy also has a history of drug addiction, which is not helping the situation. Her family also does not believe she learned anything from her overdose and fear the worst is yet to come.

Demi Lovato has not commented on the rumors surrounding her sobriety. If the reports about Levy are true, we can only hope that the singer gets the help she needs before things take a turn for the worse.

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