Demi Lovato Reportedly Choosing New Bad Boy BF Over Her Concerned Family

Demi Lovato Reportedly Choosing New Bad Boy BF Over Her Concerned Family
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Demi Lovato is reportedly shunning her family in favor of her new boyfriend Henri Levy. Inside sources claim that Lovato's family tried to persuade her to dump the troubled fashion designer, which only pushed her further into Levy's arms.

"She is not playing her recovery well right now. Demi is so head over heels in love with this guy, so she thinks, that she is blind to anyone’s criticism or suggestion," a source dished.

The insider told Radar Online that Lovato spends the majority of her time with Levy and is turning a cold shoulder towards anyone who disapproves. Levy firmly believes that they are helping each other out, but her close friends and family members believe they are a bad influence on one another.

The source claims that Lovato's mom, Dianna Hart, is at the end of her rope and doesn't know what to do about the situation. Hart has been a major supporter of Lovato's sobriety ever since her daughter almost died from an overdose last summer.

With Lovato shutting everyone out, her family has good reason to be concerned about her romance with Levy.

The singer's boyfriend was just hit with a major lawsuit after failing to pay former employees. Brendan Thompson, who worked for Levy's company, Enfants Riches Deprimes, is suing him for fraud and refusing to pay overtime.

Thompson also claims that Levy used drugs while at work and frequently made racist remarks.

In regard to the fraud charges, Thompson says that Levy stole money from friends, family, vendors, and other clients by falsely charging their credit cards.

The case is still under review and was amended this past December. Thompson is looking to get over $300,000 in the suit.

Levy denies any wrongdoing and does not believe Thompson has a valid case against him.

Lovato, meanwhile, has not addressed the rumors surrounding her relationship with Levy, who is also recovering from drug addiction.

Given Demi Lovato's disastrous summer, we can only hope that she maintains her sobriety and that her relationship with Levy does not interfere with her well being.

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