New Surveillance Video Shows Enraged Bow Wow Before Fight With GF Kiyomi Leslie - Watch It Here

New Surveillance Video Shows Enraged Bow Wow Before Fight With GF Kiyomi Leslie - Watch It Here
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It was recently reported that over the past weekend, Bow Wow had a massive fight with his GF Kiyomi Leslie and the rapper even got arrested on Saturday morning for assault. Now, a surveillance video is out.

Bow Wow has reportedly hit his GF more times, and then he took her phone and locked her in the bedroom, according to the latest surfaced details.

Hot New Hip Hop writes that 'Bow Wow was eventually arrested and later seen with some serious scratches on his face and bite marks on his body in his mugshot, which he says came from Leslie.'

Now, TMZ presented the surveillance video from an elevator in which we can definitely see just how enraged in Bow Wow.

The online publication claims that the two were heading to their room when everything turned violent and led to their arrest.

Here's the video:

Someone commented 'He didn’t hit her in the video but he’s walking up on her aggressively, and that’s not ok. He’s acting like he’s about to fight another man 🙄. This whole situation is toxic. Been there, done that. Better off without it. ✌🏾'

Another person believes that 'After seeing this and his injuries seems like she was defending herself which she has a right to.'

Someone else said that 'Doesn’t look like a “jealous rage” to me. Obviously, some kind of dispute broke out between them, but the Media and Internet will make the brother the aggressor as always.'

A commenter joked and said 'So bow wow is Solange..the girl is jay z the guy between them is the security and the guy off in the corner not doing nothing is Beyonce..ok round two. 😂'

Eventually someone else said that 'She must have been acting up and he took back the keys, she probably didn’t like how he was talking to her, so she attacked him n clawed up his face and he probably didn’t hit her back cause he was probably like (yo are u serious?) Then gets locked up.'

What do you think happened between these two?

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