Bow Wow And Kiyomi Leslie's Fight Was Allegedly Over Her Flirting With Shaquille O'Neal!

Bow Wow And Kiyomi Leslie's Fight Was Allegedly Over Her Flirting With Shaquille O'Neal!
Credit: Source: Complex

During Super Bowl weekend, the public was more focused on everything but the game itself. One of the incidences that made headlines was Bow Wow and his on-again off-again girlfriend's knock down, drag out fight -- and it may have been over Shaquille O'Neal.

Taking a look at the respective mugshots, most would agree with the report that Kiyomi Leslie was the aggressor due to the damage done to Bow Wow's face. The dispute allegedly started because the rapper was upset that his girlfriend was flirting with another man at a Super Bowl weekend party.

The official statement made by authorities who took the couple to jail read: "Mr. Moss [Bow Wow] stated that Ms. Holden [Leslie] was all over another man’s body in the party. A man Mr. Moss referred to as Shaquille. Mr. Moss stated that he felt very disrespected by her behavior, that the argument became heated, that Ms. Holden started yelling loudly and calling him 'b**** a** n****'"

The shindig that Kiyomi and Bow attended was Shaq's Fun House which is why it's safe to say that's the 'Shaq' the report was referring to.

Kiyomi's story confirms that Shad Moss was upset with her but doesn't name her as the aggressor. She insisted that he started the fight when he hit her in the head, grabbed her by her hair, and dragged her into the bedroom. Since police couldn't decide who started the physical altercation, both of the reality stars went to jail where they were let go on $8,000 bond the same day.

Kiyomi and Bow Wow's toxic relationship is documented on 'Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta.' Many people feel that the actor should be single or, at the very least, should not continue to pursue a relationship with the Instagram model.

Meanwhile, Shaq recently showed off his new love while he has yet to comment on the situation with Kiyomi and Bow Wow.


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