Cynthia Bailey Says Kenya Moore Is 'Still In Love' With Marc Daly

Cynthia Bailey Says Kenya Moore Is 'Still In Love' With Marc Daly
Credit: Source: Bravo

The new installment of the Real Housewives of Atlanta premieres this Sunday and Kenya Moore will begin the season a happily married woman and end it with a divorce announcement. However, according to both Kenya and her BFF Cynthia Bailey -- there is definitely room to reconcile.

When the Queen of Twirls and her restaurateur husband announced their split, they gave no reason as to why they were calling it quits. Rumors of infidelity plagued the couple's relationship and there was even talk of a secret family.

Kenya has denied that she found any proof of Marc cheating on her and her latest statement to People Magazine sounds like she wants to give it another go.

'I am hopeful, and have always wanted to work on our relationship. But I just don’t know if that’s even a possibility at this point, honestly. Marc doesn’t seem to be there. I’d feel more comfortable calling it quits if I knew I’d tried everything and it still didn’t work. And we definitely didn’t do everything we could have done to save our relationship.'


Cynthia has hopes that the two will reunite because she revealed that the RHOA returner is still in love with Marc Daly.

'This is her first marriage. I think she went into it for all the right reasons. She is still very much in love with her husband, and who knows? Maybe they can still work it out in the end.'

Sources close to the situation claim that Kenya didn't get get married just to have a baby and leave, she wanted a family. After 47 years of heartbreak and hard-learned lessons, the hair care line owner is sick of dating -- dating as a mom scares her even more.

Whether Marc wants to get back or not, Moore recently opened up about how good of a dad he is regardless of their romantic standing.


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